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Future Normal

Hello, Animal Lovers

Even before our world turned upside down and everything changed, many of us felt a growing disquiet and discomfort about how we exploit animals and the natural world.

Now, the desire to hit restart has gained momentum. Like every social change, when it arrives we wonder how ‘normal’ could ever have described what went before. We know we can create a kinder future for animals. And it starts here.

Welcome to the Future Normal.

A place to rediscover how amazing our relationship with animals can be – and how to create that change in our everyday lives.


What’s changing in the way we see animals?
Watch some future normal citizens describe their own lightbulb moments.

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The Future Normal is a happy place, and you’ll only see happy creatures here. Because when you love animals, you hate to see them suffer.

That’s normal.


If we’re open to making changes to our lives, the Future Normal is a place we can create. We have three considerations for you.
Will you help to make a difference?

Will you think differently?

Firstly, consider your feelings towards other animals. Do you care more about some than others? Commit to challenging this way of thinking. After all – animals are here with us, not for us.

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Will you buy differently?

Each product we buy is a small vote for the kind of world we want to live in. So opt for plant-based foods, animal-free fashion and cosmetics which haven’t been tested on animals. As well as some new favourites, you may also gain peace of mind.

Farm Sanctuary Turkey Day NY USA J Mc Arthur Buy

Will you play differently?

There are so many ways we can entertain ourselves without visiting zoos and animal circuses, or betting on horse or dog racing. Instead, you can choose to support sanctuaries and pledge to only marvel at animals free from cages or enclosures.

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Are you a

We all make a difference to the world – what’s your approach? Play the quiz!
And don’t forget to share the result with your friends.

The person in front of you drops some litter in the street. Do you:
What was your response to the carrier bag charge?
You’re in the pub with your friends and someone tells an offensive joke which makes you feel uncomfortable. What do you do?
What do you do in the lead up to a general election?
Which job could you most see yourself doing?
Which fictional character do you most empathise with?
What’s your idea of a productive evening?
Which role comes to you most naturally?
Which of these words seems the most positive to you?
Your friends suggests visiting SeaWorld on holiday. What do you say?
You discover that your favourite shampoo is tested on animals. How do you react?
What kind of considerations do you take into account when doing the food shop?


A photojournalist shares the highs and lows of documenting our relationships with animals. A mountaineer follows his dream to become the first vegan to summit Everest. Podcasts that take you deep into some defining moments.

Credit Farm Sanctuary Jo Anne with Fanny
Jo-Anne McArthur


On the joys and sorrows of documenting our relationships with animals

Kuntal Joisher


The first known vegan to summit Everest reflects on his journey



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